La Maison Bond

The housing industry at its best, la Maison Bond is:

Motivated by Challenges

Well Building… an Obligation!

Addicted to Perfection


This is the best of both worlds.

Photo d'une cuisine du condo modèle Le Conservatoire à St-Lambert
Condominiums modèle du projet immobilier Le Conservatoire sur la Rive-sud
Salon - Condo rive-sud

Living in a condo St-Lambert on the South Shore is choosing luxury and comfort without compromise on the quality of life! Enjoy the tranquility of the suburbs and of its many green spaces without the hassle and stress of the metropolis.

The abundance of parks and outdoor spaces, tranquility of its cities, as well as many schools, also makes it a prime location to raise a family.

This calm enjoyed in no way reduces entrepreneurship and local trade, while public markets and local shops are full of beautiful products and services, as varied as the cultural richness unique to its various municipalities.

The latter is also expressed in a variety of vibrant activities offered to the South Shore communities such as music festivals, family celebrations and exhibitions of works of art to name a few.

Finally, living in a condo in St-Lambert ensures rapid access to the island of Montreal by the proximity of the Victoria and Jacques Cartier bridges, and accessibility to public transport.

Enjoy the best of worlds with a condo on the south shore!